Tragedy In The South:
The Winecoff Hotel Fire of 1946
A documentary depicting the horror of our country's deadliest hotel fire.

"Surely there's a heaven for folks that die this way..."
--Lee Roy Abernathy

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The History of the Hotel Fire

1. Hotel's Origins

2. Night of The Fire

3. Tragic Design

4. Firefighting Efforts

5. Boys From Rome

6. Accident or Arson

6. Fire Changes Codes

8. After The Fire

9. Winecoff Today

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The Hotel's Origin

Built in 1913 by renowned architect William Lee Stoddard, the Winecoff Hotel was one of Atlanta's tallest and most luxurious hotels. Standing fifteen stories tall with an open-air terrace overlooking Peachtree Street, the hotel was strategically located in the heart of Atlanta's retail district.

According to their stationery, the hotel was advertised as being absolutely fireproof, even though it was designed without fire alarms, fire escapes or a sprinkler system.



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