Tragedy In The South:
The Winecoff Hotel Fire of 1946
A documentary depicting the horror of our country's deadliest hotel fire.

"Surely there's a heaven for folks that die this way..."
--Lee Roy Abernathy

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The History of the Hotel Fire

1. Hotel's Origins

2. Night of The Fire

3. Tragic Design

4. Firefighting Efforts

5. Boys From Rome

6. Accident or Arson

6. Fire Changes Codes

8. After The Fire

9. Winecoff Today

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After The Fire

In 1951 (six years after the fire), the hotel reopened as the Peachtree on Peachtree Hotel, complete with fire alarms and fire escapes. But competing hotels were cropping up all around Atlanta's retail district and by 1967, with no buyers in sight, the hotel was donated to the Georgia Baptist Convention who used it as housing for the elderly.

Unable to keep up the expenses however, the GBC sold the hotel in 1981 to a real estate conglomerate and the hotel would pass through the hands of no less a dozen more buyers over the next twenty five years. Each had high hopes, but no solid deal to resurrect the hotel materialized for almost twenty five years.

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